Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Panic Stations!!!!

Today Carl's friend Robert passed his driving test, first time!! Congratulations to him. So when I got home from work I asked Carl if he had everything that he needed for his test. It was at this point that he realised that he hadn't got the confirmation letter for the test. Its a long story, but the test centre changed the date of his test and sent along a replacement for the 3rd of April, Brian his instructor could not do that date. So Carl phoned them up and changed the date to the 7th of April, it was this test that he hadn't got the confirmation for.
So we checked up online only to find that his test was back on the original date of the 3rd at 8.20am!!!
Panic stations!! The problem was that the instructor originally couldn't do the 3rd which was why it had been cancelled, so we were sure that he would not be able to do the same date at such short notice.We spent an hour phoning him up and he has had to make a few last minute adjustments to allow Carl to use his car for the test. So now he is taking his test on Thursday the 3rd and not on the 7th. So fingers crossed that all goes well, phew it makes me all nervous inside!!


Britta Coleman said...

Congratulations, and fingers crossed. I nearly failed my driver's test -- the parallel parking is a killer.

Debbielou said...

Good Luck Carl!! Fingers crossed xx

suebaru said...

Whoops!Fingers crossed for him!

Sue said...

LOL So sounds like the sort of thing that happens here!! GOOD LUCK!!!!