Friday, November 14, 2008

I can't even shop in peace!!

Today Tom and I went to Watford to do our Christmas Shopping, I was standing in the queue of the bargain shop of the century, Primark, when Sue (as in Suebaru, ELC girl) Turned up, I am sure she is stalking me!!!!
I shopping trip was successful, we managed to get just about everything and I even bought some silicone muffin cases, WHY??? Must be having a sudden rush of blood to the head!!
We have a busy weekend planned, with Debbielou and her family coming over for tea. A chance to catch up on all that's happened since our holiday.I have nearly finished scrapping my summer photos so thats a bonus!
My Baby Boy is away for the weekend, not really too much of a problem, except he is camping!! I think he is mad. He is a young leader for the scouts and he and two other leaders are taking a group camping. Its been dark since 4. So I have no idea how they will cope. At the moment its 5 degrees C, I hope he has a load of clothes to wear to get him through the night!!
Hope everyone has a good weekend.


suebaru said...

Err...stalking you?? I haven't seen you since July so don't flatter yourself!! ;)

lyzzydee said...

Ok I can have delusions of grandeur if I want.