Sunday, November 09, 2008

Party Time - Going Underground!!

Last night we celebrated the 50th birthday of my long time friend Sandra!! I can hardly beleive that its been ten years since her last big bash. Being a love of 'Birthday Games' Sandra had started the whole thing off by making it a themed party. The theme was London Underground stations. We didn't have to go the whole hog on the fancy dress, a hat would do. So just about everyone joined in.

There were some very good outfits and brilliant hats, loads of stations cleverly represented. Tom went as Kings Cross, Sue was Queensbury (Tiara and Strawberries) Richard was Wimbledon complete with shorts and raquet. Beth came with us and dressed up as Arsenal. I was Green park, I wore Beth's communion headdress with a swing on the top! Sandra on the other hand dressed up as shepherds bush, and I'll have to leave it to your imagination how she did the 'bush' bit!!!!

It was great to see what the others had come up with. One man dressed as Black Friars and his face was PITCH black, I am sure it will take him a month to get that off. We had a fair few Angels for Angel Islington, Oxford Circus, Clowns carrying dictionary's. We had several Cockfosters, which you will have to imagine!! High Barnet was very popular with lots of BIG hair do's. One of the cleverest was Burnt Oak, they guy turned up in bandages with the odd oak leaf poking out.

This morning is Remembrance Sunday, 90 years since Armistice day. Always a very emotional service at the Cenotaph in London. Its sad to think that so many died in such terrible circumstances. It is best that we never forget.

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