Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nice Evening!

Last night we had a house full, we don't have a very big house so nine of us really filled it up!! Debbielou and her family and my friends kids Ali and Emma. Emma has ended up staying for a sleepover. We hadn't really met up with Debbie and Malc since our holiday in the summer. (If you don't count me popping into Malc's office and 'breading' his desk!!) We took a look at their photos (they were clever enough to avoid looking at ours!!)AND we celebrated Georgies Un Birthday, having missed her birthday completely in September!
This morning Tom is at work and I have just put the dish washer on for the second time, we seem to have generated a ton of washing up.
Carl has been away all weekend camping, so I can't wait until he gets back stinking of campfires and putting my washing machine into overdrive again!!
I think I might try and wrap a few presents while its peaceful.


Travis Erwin said...

Sounds like a nice evening.

Debbielou said...

We had a great time - Thank you - Loved Tom's T Shirt! xx