Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting into Water colours.

I have painted a couple more pictures, I am really enjoying this change in craft direction, its something for a change. I don't seem to be able to paint anything but flowers at the moment, but I'm happy with that!! I suppose they are fairly easy as they are meant to be sort of irregular, I had thought about a sea scene, but I can't draw things like boats beyond kindergarten representations of boats!!!

Last night I went out for dinner with Karen 'over the road' it was great to catch up again. When the kids were small and we were both leading different lives we used to chat out the front, now they are growing up we just don't get the time. So we had a laugh and a nice dinner. We will have to do it again !
Yesterday I booked myself in for a taster bead making course at the end of the month, I am really looking forward to having a go, I hope I can do it, I can see another hobby coming along here! (just need more time to do all this stuff)


karen-over-the-road said...

really enjoyed last night - promise not to leave it so long next time :)

jean said...

love your flower paintings , how talented are you