Thursday, June 04, 2009

In The Car Park.

Today was election day where we got to vote for both the local county council councillors and the East of England MEP's. We walked to the Polling Station and on the way I took these photos in the little car park at the rear of my house.

This is Poppy seed pod, I really like the purple velvet effect on the top. it looks positively furry!!

I need to do some research on this one, it looks very similar to deadly nightshade, but I am sure its not that. I think it may be a plumbago, if anyone knows what it is please leave a comment, I will search on the Internet to see if I can identify it!

I was lucky to snap this one, I really love these big daisy's, they look so pretty. This year I have noticed a lot of them along the sides of the motor ways, a big clump of them move so gracefully. Its a shame that they don't last too long.

This poppy head still has a few sepals attached.
I am toying with the idea of upgrading my camera, but I am worried that moving onto a digital SLR might be a backward move. On the plus side I love this camera, which is a few years old now, but I could really do with the flexibility that a SLR would bring. I suppose I should hang fire until I have 'spare' money, could be some time yet!!!
This week was Tom's birthday and as a treat I bought him a trial flying lesson at the local airstrip. Tom is not good at the fun fair and a merry go round makes him feel queasy, so for a joke I told him that I had bought him an aerobatic taster session!! (we have a little plane always flying around here, stalling and giving us all heart failure!!) Tom said a trial lesson would be fine but he drew the line at aerobatics!!

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suzann said...

These photos are just so georgeous. Nice job!