Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We have been experiencing the hottest few days that we have seen in a while, its positively steamy out there. This leads to very hot and disturbed nights. Yesterday was one long rush work all day, collected Beth after Watford Football and didn't make it in until 8pm. She came back from school with a message to say that they have had two cases of Swine Flu amongst the pupils. The County and Government line at the present is to remain open and carry on. All a bit scary really.
Beth has a sore throat so we ended up going to see the emergency Doctor last night, she is convinced it is viral, but has told her to come back if it doesn't improve over the next couple of days. She is pretty miserable as this week is activities week, so if it doesn't get better she will miss sports day, plus trips to Windsor an Whipsnade. So I am dosing her with Calpol and giving her today to try and knock it on the head.
Flowers are the strangest of things, Debbie gave me some lovely Sunflowers, they were all treated the same and looked after , now there is only one left, the others have all passed onto the compost heap!! This last one is strong and proud, how come ???
So back into the fray at least my office has air con!


~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading your blog

Jen said...

Gosh hope it's just a virus!! I'm on the train and it's SO hot thank goodness it's mostly above ground and we can get some air in the carriage. I like the sunshine but I'm not good with sticky heat :(. Hugs!

Debbielou said...

Poor old sunflowers !! Murderer !!

I'll have to get you some more x

Hope Beth is ok x

Maureen said...

wow - craziness abounds on both sides of the pond it would seem!!! Hope hope your Dad is doing well and that surgery goes well...and poor baby with the sore throat!! We had I case of swine flu the last week of school and we were like a ghost town...it is scary so I was glad they all stayed home!!! So keep your chin up and good wishes for all to be well coming your way...and a little cool wind to boot!!!