Friday, June 26, 2009

Welcome to the weekend.

Its been a funny week, in all sorts of ways. I have been rushed off my feet with all sorts of things. Today I took the day off work and once I had finished cleaning the house I just slumped, I actually fell asleep on the sofa in the conservatory and had some very weird dreams, the ones that actually feel real and I expected to wake up and find that the things I had dreamt about had happened! So I have wasted a whole day cleaning and sleeping.
Carl has been away on a year six school trip, so I collected him and his washing at 5pm. He had a great time and I was very proud that the staff all raved about how good he was and how mature and responsible he is. I have my fingers crossed that he gets into Uni and that he gets the grades that he needs. I think I have around three loads of washing from his 5 days away!
Yesterday was another odd day, it was our 26th Wedding anniversary, we had decided not to do too much, we had a party last year and to be honest I am feeling exhausted. It has turned out to be a date now that will not be forgotten world wide with the un expected and sudden passing of Micheal Jackson.
On the positive side, Dad is home he has been discharged pending a heart bypass, he seems to be quite bright and they have given him a barrow load of drugs and loads of instructions as what to do if he gets any pain. Fingers crossed that he gets an appointment soon. The first photo is of one of the beautiful sunflowers that my friend Debbie gave me to cheer me up, Roses and sunflowers are my favorite!

Last night we called around to see dad, and on the way back I noticed this tree, its a massive tree and its covered in cherries, how I have never noticed that its a cherry tree before is a mystery. I walk past it every time I visit mum and dad!

There is also a Hazel nut bush and this year its covered in nuts (along with the one taking photos of it!!!) A whole lot of wild life for a town .

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Raymonde said...

So pleased to hear about your dad, hope he gets a quick date for bypass. Take care. xxxx