Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Little Cutie!

Last week on holiday we were joined by my not so little God Daughter, Emma and her beautiful baby, Bobbie ! Well Bobbie was centre of attention and very cute with it. She is now around eleven weeks old and is full of giggles and character. She seems to be a water baby, every morning Emma took Bobbie and Beth swimming, Bobbie is so chilled in the water she lies on her back and floats. Back at the chalet after the swim Emma took her in the shower to get rid of the chlorine she fell asleep under the running water!!

I love this photo even though its slightly blurry, I didn't want to use the flash and get that washed out look, I love her expression.

In this one she is the image of her Uncle Stuart when he was a baby!

Its all too much, you can have too many photos you know!!


Jen said...

She's a peach! Gorgeousness - I want a snuggle!!

Wendy said...

Ha....scrolled down, then laughed when I got to the last one! What a sweetie.

Have a great day!