Sunday, February 21, 2010

Newcastle at Night.

The night before the conference started we decided to take a trip into town to work out where we could park and where it would be good to collect me from in the afternoon. Of course I took my new camera and gave it a go. The shot above is looking out over the town, its just right of the Tyne bridge. The camera seems to cope very well with the dark conditions!

This is an 'arty' shot of part of the entrance and the Tyne. I am particularly pleased with this one!

This is looking back towards the entrance, I love all the vivid colours inside.

This is the opposite end of the building, I was impressed as there was an outside auditorium a place where they could put on shows, beautifully lit from below, with grassy tiered seating, which had snow on it !! Useful for the summer though.

Finally Beth by the back door, she was thrilled to find a huge pile of snow right near here, so I suspect it may have been a snowman in a previous life!!
I have some more shots that I will be uploading this week. Hope you all have a good week.


Raymonde said...

Those are great! Looking forward to seeing more. Love. xxx

Travis Erwin said...

Great color in those shots.