Saturday, February 27, 2010

Talented Friends....

There is a huge bonus to moving in a circle that contains lots of friends who love to craft, I am never short of a beautiful handmade card or two!!
The pretty pink one above is from Shirley, my friend in the South, Southampton that is!!!

This card is from another friend who turned 50 this year, the lovely SooJay, Great year for babies 1960!!

This one is from a little closer to home, made by my beautiful daughter Laura!!

I am really liking the cupcake card, from the one and only Ginger Claire!!

This one is a stunner, I only hinted about 5 million times to the incredibly talented 'Brodders' So thank you very much Jane for picking up on my subtle hints!!

Lastly I do have a 'real' friend (as opposed to an Internet one) who likes to craft and she made me this lovely card, it has all the elements needed by a good crafter, another lovely card.
Thank you girls!!


Raymonde said...

Wow, you do have talented friends. Thanks for sharing your lovely cards with us. Much love. xxx

Yizz said...

Thems is a talented bunch of ladies!