Friday, February 12, 2010

Thank Goodness for the Weekend.

This has been a long week, I seem to have been away at work and busy all week. Today I clocked up 73 miles, traveling to meetings. I am going to chill this weekend and do some crafting.
Last night I went out for dinner with my dear neighbour, I love to chat to her but despite living so close we do most of our chatting online! Last night we hit the local Chinese and had a lovely meal. It was great to chat about all sorts including planing a trip to Las Vegas next year to see Donny performing ! (actually Donny would like to see us but he can't take the time off to come to England so we are doing him a big favour!!)

There are so many of my friends celebrating 'big' birthdays this year, so many in fact that I have been making 30, 40 and 50 cards for some time now. I think when you hit one of those years you look at your life and think about what you need to change and what you can do to make those changes, we had quite a discussion about that last night and have decided that having a date to aim for would be a good thing, so watch out Las vegas!!!!

Please spare a thought for another of my friends, Jenn Rigg. Jenn turns 50 tomorrow but yesterday collapsed at home with a bleed in her brain, she has today had a major operation to try and sort the matter out, so for those of you who pray, please think of her and send her good get well wishes.


Karen Lange said...

Will pray for your friend. Have a restful and happy weekend.

Sue said...

LOl i bet Donny is getting excited!!
Poor Jen been thinking of her the last couple of days :(
xxxxxLove you

kazher said...

Donny wont know whats hit him..!!
Sorry to hear about Jen :o(
Hope she makes a full recovery..

Raymonde said...

Hi Liz, we finally met!!! I think they should brand supermarkets as great meeting place for long lost friends. It was so nice to see you. Have a super time away. Looking forward to catching up later in a few weeks. I am refusing to let you go this year without some time together!!!
If you want a laugh about the encounter come and read my entry!

I am praying for Jen.

Take care. xxx