Thursday, February 04, 2010

A 'technical' WOW!!!!

This month I have a 'special' birthday, one that will make me feel extremely old and over the hill. Luckily (I think) I will be away for the big day. I have to go to a UNISON conference in Gateshead. I am quite looking forward to it as I will be able to pop in and see a few relatives and I hope to be able to give my new camera a good work out.
Anyway back to the point of this post. I have been incredibly lucky to have been given a very very generous gift from my friend Karen who I work with. She insisted that I open it straight away as she is going away on holiday tomorrow and she wanted to make sure she could show me how to use it and download a few books for me. So I am now the proud owner of a Sony pocket Reader. I must admit that its something that I have always thought about but could never justify buying. Its been a bit of a learning curve as it operates differently to anything else I have used, but I have now sorted it out.
While looking for some free downloads to get me started, I stumbled across the local County Council run online Library, using my existing library card I was able to download three books for up to three weeks, no returning the books, they simply expire!
Now I just have to get used to the 'new' way of reading and I must be very careful not to nod off in bed and drop it!!!
Thank you Karen and Sony!!


Raymonde said...

That is such a lovely present, and now instead of itunes card for present people can give you book downloads. That is so clever. Enjoy the "big" birthday by the way!! Lots of love. xxx

Sue said...

Wow!!! Let me know how you get on ..i have been looking at the amazon kindle thingies

Wendy said...

Ha...are you ready to join the OTD Older Than Dirt) club with me?

Enjoy your wonderful present! I have a Kindle and absolutely love it. Happy Birthday, too!

Have a great day!