Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tidy, Tidy, Tidy!!

Today I tackled the long put off task of clearing up my crafting area. I love to do all sorts of craft, but in a very short space of time I find that 'stuff' grows on my table and very quickly I don't have enough space to make anything at all. I have been putting the job off for ages, but decided when I got up this morning to do it.
I called the hospital to make sure Laura was OK, they said she was good and her headache has now gone, which is great news.
I then pulled out all my 'stuff' and sorted through it. I was brutal and got rid of stuff that I thought I would not use. I made steady progress throughout the day, at 2pm I got ready to go and see Laura. When Beth and I arrived at the hospital we found a parking space and while walking into the hospital I slipped on some mud and landed heavily on my bum!! Luckily I have sufficient padding to prevent injury, but I was covered in mud, and I mean covered, I had mud on my trousers, knickers, socks, shoes, coat and top so I did a good job!! I was a little surprised at the unexpected trip, so decided to head back home and have a shower. Tom went back to visit with Beth.
Finally after a shower I completed my task of the day and I am now the proud owner of a beautifully clean and clear crafting space ready to be put into use the next spare minute I have!!


Karen Lange said...

I have several surfaces in my house that are in need of cleaning off; you've inspired me! A friend calls this syndrome 'flat-surface-itis', where things just accumulate on flat surfaces in the house. Must be common everywhere. :)

Glad to hear your daughter is doing better.

Brodders said...

Muddy knickers.

Raymonde said...

Ouch! Did you cry with frustration?
I am looking forward to seeing the created things coming out of this tidy space. Well done! Lots of love (((♥)))

Jen said...

Ouch! That fall sounds nasty. Hope you don't feel too sore! Glad Laura's on the mend.

Shirley said...

And no photos!!! Of the muddied Mrs D or the clear spaces!

Haha the word verification is "dishmit" guess I need to do some cleaning too!