Saturday, January 09, 2010

Up and Down Times.

We are barely over one problem when another one hits, early yesterday morning dad had pains in his chest and is presently in hospital. The test results are back and he has had another heart attack. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they can sort out the problem again. He feels fine this morning.
We are not sure at the moment what the treatment will be, its likely that he will have to have another angiogram to make a diagnosis, fingers crossed.
While we were in the hospital, mum had a bit of a funny turn and started to get blurred vision in her eye. She only has one working eye, that must have been very scary. We ended up in the 'eye casualty' where we stayed for the whole of the day. Carl came and sat with one of them while I sat with the other, Keith also came over and helped out. Dad was eventually found a bed in time for Lunch and Mum and I left the hospital at 4pm with some drugs and a follow up appointment to keep an eye on her.
This morning both seem to be OK, so fingers crossed.
The weather is still unbelievable it is nearly 1pm and its still -2 degrees!! The snow is not moving and there is more forecast. I can't remember it ever being like this before! I spotted the icicle outside my neighbours house. There are lots of icicles around!!

I think I will have to go out in search of more icicles, except my feet are sore form excessive use of my new boots!!!


Karen Lange said...

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers:)

Brodders said...

Thinking of you all xxx