Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Missing Links!!

As the result of a question posed by one of my regular readers, where is Tom?? I have decided to nick a few photos off of Laura's face book just to Prove that he is still alive and kicking, in fact on new years eve he won the nurse Nancy award for services to caring and we gave him this very fetching hat complete with Betty Boop photo and blown up rubber gloves!!

John won the snorer award, so here is he wearing his hat.

Here is a photo of Madeline and I, a couple of old birds on New Years Eve!!
I promise to make an effort to include more of Tom in my posts!!!
Back to work tomorrow, which will be a strain after a nice long weekend or two. The weather is very cold its minus 4 at the moment and Beth is praying for snow, so that her return to school is delayed!! Tomorrow we are having a new tumble dryer delivered and in removing the old one from the cupboard we seem to have trashed the kitchen, at least they are taking the old dryer away with them. Tom and Beth also have all the decorations to take down tomorrow, the house 'might' look very different when I get home tomorrow afternoon!!

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Shirley said...

Looking lovely sweetheart! Nice to see Tom too!