Monday, January 25, 2010

The Weekend has Flown By.

Where did that weekend go??It seems to have been a busy one. We collected a new bed for Beth on Friday evening and spent the rest of the evening putting it together. She has completely gutted her room so there was plenty of room to build it. The new bed has a futon underneath and she was desperate to get it all in place so she could ask Meggie over for Saturday night. It all went according to plan and the sleepover took place. They were really good watched a movie, chatted ate tons of popcorn and generally did girly things.
I took the camera out for a few trips to try to get to know it. I took some shots of Beth blowing bubbles to check out the continuous shooting mode, again I am impressed the above shot was taken with only the light in the room, no flash.

We took the dog over the woods, took the camera again to see if I could get the settings to mimic depth of field, after a bit of a fiddle I worked it out and the holly above is taken on macro zooming in from a distance. The walk in the woods was a little fraught. On the way out we were fine, on the way back we got bogged down in the mud, every way we turned there was loads of mud, just to make things worse Hunny did a runner, she must have caught the scent of something exciting, so we were calling her and trying to find a path we could use. In the end we had to beat a path through some brambles, so this morning I have a leg that is covered in scrapes and battered by the bushes. All this walking is just not good for me!!!


Raymonde said...

Hi Liz, enjoying your new camera, I see, where are the shots of the battered leg? Have a good day! xxx

Karen Lange said...

You know, I was trying to figure out where the weekend went also! Sounds like you had a bit of adventure:)

Cloudia said...

Ah the brambles!
Loved reading about your weekend.

Aloha, Bloggy Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Shirley said...

From Bog to Blog!!!

Almost Normal said...

Pretty bubbles!!