Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Last Snowman.

At last the snow has moved on, there is not a speck left apart from the remnants of the snowman that the girls made in the back car park. I must say that although its pretty, for the first time in my life I was beginning to find it tedious. I think the problem is that we can just about cope with snow for a couple of days, any longer than that and we have to go back to work and operate 'normally'. Its then it starts to get difficult when you have to drive and get around. The only problem is that they are forecasting more snow country wide Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so more of the same to follow.

I am hopeful that Beth will actually get a whole week at school!!
We have had a nice weekend, I have made a few cards, I seem to have quite a few friends who are due to hit some big birthdays in the next few months, so I have been practicing my 40 and 50 cards!! I have even dusted off my Craft Robo and used that again, I feel inspired to use it more !! I really must try and sort out my craft stuff, its taking over and I can't find anything!!

I am still waiting on the delivery of my camera, When I ordered it, it was in stock, I was just a little surprised to receive an email on Tuesday to say they were expecting more stock 'soon' . I contacted them back for a moan and the said sorry, it was sent out on Thursday so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a delivery tomorrow.

We are also considering buying an energy monitor, I think it would be good to see what eats up the electricity and be able to see it in real time. I am in the middle research!!

Dad is doing well, Mum and dad came around for lunch today which was lovely. I even tried out an experimental Strawberry pudding on them!! I now know that I need to add more liquid if I make it again, it was quite solid and rubbery!!!


suebaru said...

Yum, strawbery rubbery pud sounds delish...!!See you Weds :)PMSL, my word verification is 'undies' !!

Raymonde said...

Good news about your Dad and your Mum. Have a good week! Love you. xxx