Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year and NEVER buy Horseraddish Crisps!!

Well here it is January the first, first day of a new new decade, 2010. It doesn't seem 10 years since there was all the hype surrounding the year 2000 and how the whole world was going to crash in on itself and all the computers would be unable to cope with the date starting with a 2 instead of a 1!! It soon became clear that this would not be an issue and I can't believe that there was so much worry about it. Last night we spent some time with our 'old' friends Madeline and John. We spend just about every new year with them or they with us. Its the best part of the New year Celebration!!!

This year Beth and I decided to make hats for an Academy award ceremony, we picked something that people had achieved or something that represented them. It took us all afternoon to make them! Carl was awarded an award for services to glitter, for carrying home some glittery baubles down the front of his boxers!!! (I was surprised to find so much Glitter there!!)
Laura is in training to become a mad cat lady, so she won that award!!

Grace on the other hand is forever joining groups on face book, so she won the most groups joined on face book award, including such gems as 'support ugly animals' 'look after blind fish' and ' Daniel Pescheddar is fit' !!!

Beth is the perfect 'Little Mummy' She loves babies, in particular she loves the girls next door, Phoebe and Olivia, added to that she loves Bobbie and one day I hope she makes the perfect real mummy!!

Early on in the evening we had a lovely Chinese, with a lovely pudding afterwards! While we were waiting for the Chinese to arrive, Madeline shared some crisps and nibbles with us, all I can say is never be tempted to try out HORSERADISH crisps, they are absolutely FOUL!!! There were plenty of them left over!

At midnight we headed out to the garden and sent off our massive firework, It was one of those multi shot types with loads of bangs and pops. There were loads in the neighbourhood. We also spotted for the first time some Chinese lanterns , the ones where you light a small candle inside and the heat lifts the lantern and they float away on the breeze, we will have to try those next year!
So Happy New year to everyone!!

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Wendy said...

Happy New Year, Lyzzy! Looks like you had a fun celebration!