Sunday, January 10, 2010

Its started to melt away.

Much to Beth's disgust the snow has started to melt, for the first time in ages the temperature is above freezing, in fact its 2.2 degrees C. So the snow is fairly running away. All the icicles have done a runner as well, so hopefully back to school tomorrow.
We went in to see Dad last night, he seems OK, fed up and miserable to be back there again, but OK. He is now waiting on the decision on what to do, which can't happen until Monday morning. I am very hopeful that they will be able to fix things up again. So more finger crossing is in order!! (I know that a lot of you have said prayers as well and they are always most welcome!)

Hunny loves the snow, you can't keep her in when the girls are out playing, she seems to think that its her duty to demolish any snow men that they attempt to build, I am amazed that her feet don't get frozen, but she will stay out there for hours at a time!!
In the time its taken me to do this post the temperature has dropped again and its now snowing, so much for global warming!!!!


Raymonde said...

Hi Liz, sorry to hear about your Dad, I am praying for wisdom for the doctors treating him so they take the best course of action. Hope your Mum is also over the blurry eye. Not nice when the old folks get weak!
Love the photoshop work on Beth's photo. Take cares. Love you. xxx

Cath x said...

Awww thats really really gorgeous Lyzzy!

Sue said...

Gorg Photo darling. hoping your dad will be able to go home healthy soon xxx

Shirley said...

Still praying for your
Ma and Pa.

I watched a ginger cat in our close playing with a carrot that must have once been a nose! Was so funny to watch him 'kill' it over and again whilst there were real birds ground feeding nearby!

Karen Lange said...

Stay warm while the snow melts. Blessings to you and your gang:)