Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Fall of Snow.

We have woken this morning to another covering of snow, not too much but enough to let you know its there. The temperature is -2 so it won't shift until the sun warms it up. Other places are reporting up to a 4 inch covering, I am glad we don't have that!

Its been a hectic few days here, Laura was taken ill on Thursday and her GP sent her straight to the hospital. She had a bad headache that had lasted a couple of days plus every time she moved her back ached. She felt sick and shivery. She was admitted into hospital on Thursday afternoon which a diagnosis of meningitis, at that stage they had started the tests to see what type so we had to wait and see. Yesterday afternoon they confirmed that it was viral meningitis (phew) but they ordered a brain scan and some follow up tests to be absolutely certain. She is still in there while they control the pain with drugs. I have just checked and she has had a 'comfortable' night.

It looks like 2010 is going to see our family getting our moneys worth out of the National Health Service yet again. This year I am aiming at getting one whole month without any trips to the hospital for any reason, that's got off to a shaky start!!


Raymonde said...

Thank goodness the symptoms were spotted early. Sorry to hear you had to go to the hospital again though. Let us now how she is getting on. Take care. Prayers on their way. (((♥)))

Jen said...

Poor Laura! But thank goodness it's not the bacterial type, eh?! As for snow, how far away is WGC from here?? We've got beautiful bright sunshine this morning. Hope the snow stays up your end and doesn't come this way

Karen Lange said...

Will pray for you all. Stay warm.