Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Today we have had a ton of snow, the forecast was snow, lots of it and it was very true, we got loads!! The whole place looks beautiful . I spotted these berries on the way around to see mum and dad and take them a paper.

This is looking into the road - snowy!

This was in the car park at work. I like the way the green sign looks so bright against the monochrome back ground.

The trees have been stunning, they look like they have glace icing on all the branches!
The snow has stopped falling for the time being but its now below zero so its going to be very icy out there.
Before I left for home we received an email from the maintenance department at work, asking us not to use the rock salt on the roads and paths as they are running out, it struck me as very odd, just what are we saving it for?? Perhaps they want to be able to say that come August we have a full supply!! Surely the point of having rock salt is because we need it??? Should I be surprised?? no, the email came from the same man who previously sent one saying that we were all using too much hand soap due to the risk of swine flu, he had done some investigation and found that you only need to use 'two pumps' to get your hands spotlessly clean!! This of course had earned him the nick name of 'two pumps' . I feel we may have to develop that and refer to him now as 'salt free two pumps'!!!!! Power to the people!!


suebaru said...

PMSL at 'Two pumps'!!

Raymonde said...

Hello, you had to go to work, shame!
I like the little berries photo, yours actually look like 3 little ladybirds.
Be safe now in the ice. xxx