Monday, September 19, 2011

After a rocky couple of weeks......

Things are starting to look up!!
Mum has now been out of hospital for a while but two weeks ago she hit a really sticky patch, a combination of the pain she was in plus a Doc who prescribed her drugs that were far too strong for the situation and that resulted in a dreadful down turn in her ability to do anything. In fact it was quite shocking to witness her decline.

Mums leg had been giving her some pain and the Doctor visited and prescribed an extra morphine patch plus a four hourly dose of oramorph. The more she took the less she could do, she was slurring her words and was incapable of getting out of her chair and getting on the the stair lift. I really thought she was behaving like she had had a stroke. So I called the GP back and luckily got another one from the practice who suggested that she went to hospital via ambulance for them to check her out. Once in the hospital they xrayed her leg and that was found to be in order so the addressed the drugs issue. They quite rightly identified that she was drugged to the eyeballs and had no idea what was going on. They talked to her and found out that the pain was only on standing and not the rest of the time, so heavy duty narcotics were not the answer. They took away the oramorph and swapped it for codeine that works well and she is now acting and sounding like the 'old' mum.

Today she has even managed to get out of the house and into the car, which is absolutely amazing !!! That is a huge step forward. I know that there is a place for oramorph, but it doesn't do mum any good and I hope that she comes to realise that.

Its been ages since I have been able to make anything bead wise, I did manage to snatch an evening last week, I am still practicing and now have a fair few boxes full of beads. I am experimenting with shapes and the interactions between the different colour glasses. I must try and make sure I can bead at least once a week so that I can build my skill and not have to start from scratch every time!!!

On Sunday we did a Car boot sale Beth is trying to get rid of some of her old toys and raise money to make some changes to her bedroom. We had a bad start at a sale that didn't attract many seller or buyers, so we had to move onto Birchwood where we set up again and sold well for a couple of hours before the rain stopped play!

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Jenn Jilks said...

Healthcare is such a crap shoot.
Each person is so different. Good for you for advocating.