Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Couple of Days Away.

On Friday Laura and I headed up to York for team building weekend. The good part was that it was Laura's team building and I was only there in a support capacity, so I could have a wander by myself .
We had dinner at Ask on Friday evening which was lovely, the restaurant was spectacular huge dining room, with glass chandeliers in a previous life it must have been a grand meeting room.

After breakfast on Saturday morning the team builders met up and started on a treasure hunt around the town. I went out for a morning shopping. I kept bumping into the 'team builders' all over the place!! They had to be back at the hotel by 12.30. I took a walk down The Shambles billed as one of the oldest roads in Britain, lots of lovely wonky houses and gift shops. I came across a market that sold lots of craft bits and I asked if I could take some photos, one stall in particular was lovely lots of hearts and wooden bits and pieces. 

One stall in particular I could have bought the lot!! It was a family run business, Dad cut out the wooden hearts, mum painted them and daughter did the finishing bits and pieces. It was lovely. 

I love Kath Kidston style bags and goodies, but they are very expensive. My friend Madeline has bought me a lovely stone rose patterned bag which is the perfect size for transporting my craft stuff on cruises and car holidays!! I would love some more particularly a handbag sized one and a holdall sized one, while looking around the market I came across a stall that had some 'Kath Kidston' look alike bags. So what was I to do??? I bought a couple and I am very pleased with them too. 

The original versions cost £69 each and these were two for £24!! They are not pretending to be made by Kath Kidston but they are in that style. I love them!!
I came across a church where they had a table top sale, I bought three books for a pound, one on growing vegetables for Beth, All about Clematis for Tom and a book of roses for me!!

I ended the day at York Minster a beautiful place with some great stained glass windows. I took some time to sit down and take in the atmosphere , it was calm and serene inside.

The last thing I found out about York was that the very famous Guy Fawkes was born there, in fact there was a pub purporting to be the place of his birth.

I never got around to walking the wall around the city, I just took a peek up there!
Its a compact city and there is still a lot to see!

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Raymonde said...

Absolutely love York. Next time go and eat in Piccolini.
Take care. Hope it is not too bad for your mum. xxx