Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Watch the Birdie!!!

While away on holiday in The Netherlands we go close to lots and lots of birds. There were the usual suspects at the beach - seagulls. They were bold birds coming right up to you and looking for food. The one above stood next to me for ages, not in the slightest put off by the bloke in the below picture!!!!

There seemed to be a constant show of bare bums on the beach and not just the usual little kids trying to change out of wet costumes!! This bloke hopped around for ages trying to get his pants on!!!

At the camp-site there were Jackdaws, seemingly by the hundred, they were also very bold coming right up to the door of the caravan for tit bits!

But the most unusual birds were not the native ones, First of all we became aware of some squawking that sounded suspiciously like our budgies at home. So we watched and eventually spotted some green parakeets in the top of the nearby trees. There seemed to be a fair few of them .

I have looked them up and they are described as feral parakeets, they are almost impossible to spot as they are the same colour as the trees!

Since we have come back we have finished off our back garden, planted up the borders and reseeded the bald lawn.  I have ordered a hopefully beautiful orange hybrid tea rose which is presently growing in the Orkney Islands. 

I love orange roses, my all time favourite rose colour. I decided to do a bit of research and see if I could combine the colour with a lovely fragrance . The rose that has it all, disease resistance, bright blooms and a strong fragrance the winner for me was the above rose called 'Simply The Best' I hope it is the best!!!

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