Friday, September 02, 2011

Its hotter here!!!

Since getting back the weather has been brilliant, once the washing was done we got out in the garden and started to get that into shape. Carl and Tom worked really hard putting in a border of bricks, digging up some roots that were left over and generally doing manual work. I helped by giving clear and concise directions and supplying the occasional glass of water!! I am very please with the result and I have started to plant it up with bulbs from our Dutch trip and plants (being sold off in Morrison's for bargain prices!!)

So back to the holiday, here we have Beth on day two looking cool on the beach playing Frisbee with Sam.
This next shot is the one that I took after my precious camera was hit by the said Frisbee!!!
It was a nice day on the beach, breezy and warm. So hot in fact that Tom managed to burn both of his knees and his left calf !!! a fact that troubled him for the rest of the holiday. (Not that he had to make any effort to keep his burnt knees out of the sun following this very brief exposure to it)
We booked with Canvas Holidays, we have been customers for the past 25 years so we know the ropes. They will never promise to put people travelling together in neighbouring caravans in case there  is a last minute change of plan so this year Beth and I wrote begging letters to them and offered to supply the couriers with food items they were missing from home. Turns out our couriers were missing bacon, so I supplied the bacon and they provided caravans next to each other!!!
More to report over the coming days......

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