Sunday, September 04, 2011

Back to work

I really can't believe that three weeks off of work have flown by and tomorrow I am back into the fray, I think its going take a while to catch up on everything I am sure by lunchtime I will have forgotten my holiday!!!

We took a few trips into a nearby town called Leiden, as always it was raining so we took a look around and then found the main street for a spot of retail therapy. Even though there was rain it was also very muggy so it was very unpleasant continually taking coats on and off. We found a shop that we had been to a few years ago, a junk come antique shop, loads of hidden treasures in there. Laura picked up a couple of brand new t shirts still in their bags for a Euro each - Bargain!! I found a lovely really old enamel strainer/steamer in a mottled shade of blue and grey. I now have that cleaned up and hanging in the kitchen, there is something special about 'old' kitchen equipment, always makes me wonder who has used it before and what they did.

To prove that we were in Holland, a photo of a windmill with Laura and Beth, please note the ever present puddles, in this rare photo it wasn't actually raining , so that was an improvement!!!

On one of the fine mornings we headed to try out another beach, Malcolm suggested a beach just outside The Hague, called Scheveningen. We were happy to take a look at a different place and after all it wasn't raining so the best time to head to the beach. Tom even pushed the boat out and took our little tiny stunt kite with us and gave that a go. (The truth is it doesn't matter how big a stunt kite is, it instantly becomes useless in the hands of our family, we simply can't get any of them to fly!!) So while wandering down to the beach we became aware of loads and loads of people, planes in formation flying overhead and loads of bright TV lights and vans. It appears that we had 'accidentally' walked into the first day of the Women's International Beach Volleyball tournament. Tom and Malc wanted to stop and learn the rules to this instantly fascinating sport. Deb and I couldn't see the attraction.....

More from the wet holiday tomorrow!!!

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Jen said...

Haha!! Typical men!! We must catch up soon my dear - coffee in Starbucks or Prêt? We have both in Watford now.... My treat xx