Thursday, November 01, 2012

A Few Days Away.

Half term is upon us and we decided to have a few days away, we were lucky enough to be able to use a chalet in Caister owned by our friends. It made a nice break away from work and school.
We managed to meet up with some friends while we were away and had a night at the dogs. Better than that we had an afternoon in the club on the site watching 'world class wrestling'

Well its a long time since I was at Watford Town Hall watching the wrestling, but this was brilliant, they came on wound up the audience and then put on a great synchronised display of wrestling!!! It was a great spectator sport, we watched the audience as much as we watched the wrestlers. On the other side of the room was  a 'lady' who was getting really stuck in, she was screaming and shouting at the wrestlers, while holding her baby under her arm!!! 
After the three bouts there was a chance to have photos taken, so posing with Beth is the masked Alex and Pretty Boy Joey (he was rather easy on the eye despite wearing Budgie Smugglers!!)

I love Halloween, because we were deep in the countryside we were able to buy these two beauties for 90p each!! Beth carved them and we went all high tech, using battery tea lights to illuminate them. The tea lights were a bargain, three for a pound at Poundland. We had them on three evenings and then overnight last night and they are still going strong!!

We are looking forward to the weekend when we have the chance of dressing up and celebrating with Madeline, John and Grace. I have my witches outfit all sorted!!!

So now thoughts are turning to Christmas, I was reading one of my craft magazines when I spotted this scooter, its something that I want, I don't need it but I would really like it. The next problem is Kirsty Allsop is on it, so even if I could get one it would no doubt be really expensive, I'll have to keep my eye open for a reasonable priced large wheeled scooter not being ridden by Kirsty Allsop!!

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