Saturday, November 17, 2012

Well and Truly Autumn!

This morning Tom and I took a walk around to see Mum and Dad, the last tree in the road was finally shedding its leaves. It looks stunning bright yellows leaves. It lights up in the autumn sun. It made me think about what it was, I have never considered what it might be. So tonight I looked it up and I now know we have a Sycamore tree!!

Hunny loves running around in the leaves!
The tree closest to our house is a flowering cherry with beautiful double pink blooms in the spring.

On the corner of the road is a hedge and every year this clematis blooms, it starts late and ends even later!!
So as I was on a roll, I looked that up as well and I have discovered that this is called  clematis cirrhosa, a variety called freckles. It flowers all through the winter and is very delicate !

On the other side of the road there are some trees that are stacked with red berries, they have more berries this year that I have seen before, I think that means we are in for a tough winter!!! Another look on google identifies this tree as a Hawthorne. I hadn't realised how ignorant I am of our local trees and countryside, when I was in primary school I was very knowledgeable, I used to press wild flowers and kept them in a scrapbook, I knew all the names and where you could find them. I seem to have forgotten so much, must be my age!!!!

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