Monday, November 26, 2012

On My Bike.........

Well after my disastrous return to cycling, I decided that the next attempt should be more joined up and thought about!! We went out to the local bridle way known locally as 'Poo Alley' that was an incentive in itself not to fall off the bike!! Tom was ready with his trusty spanners so that he could adjust my saddle and I could cycle off into the unknown.  My problem is that as a 'youth' I rode my bike mounted and dismounted favouring my right leg, now that is my dodgy leg its not quite as easy to do. In the end I found that I could get my right leg over to get on, but I couldn't step through the middle, so the saddle had to be fairly low to enable me to do that. I finally sorted that out and got on and started pedalling AND managed to stay upright!!!

It was great to be back and having a go. I am going to build up slowly. I decided to use an app called Endomondo which I have on my phone, it tracks your route and tells you how far you have travelled and how many calories you have used. In the end I went down Poo Alley nearly to the road and then turned left. I cycled up to the traffic lights on the main road and then turned around and came back. On this journey I discovered that my bike has gears!!! I had no idea, but that makes my £20 even more of a bargain!!
So I did countless trips in Poo Alley just to make sure I could stay on, then the longer return trip, I think I have found my cycling legs again!!!  The round trip was 3/4 of a mile and I really enjoyed the wind in my face!! My hip wondered what had hit it, but  am hoping the extra movement will strengthen it and will be for the best. Lets see if I can still walk in the morning!!!!


Jenn Jilks said...

How joyful!
We have snow and aren't cycling too much!
Cheers from Cottage Country Canada!

Jen said...

Lookin' good Liz! My turn next... I've been thinking about it but didn't have the nerve. Well now I'll be looking for a bike :)