Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How Can I tell its nearly Christmas?????

Well its easy, someone ends up in hospital again. This time its Mum, she has been unwell over the past few days and yesterday was in a huge amount of pain with her knee, the GP thought she may have an infection in the joint so she was started on anti-biotics, but late yesterday afternoon was very unwell, very feverish and rambling not making any sense. It was a very busy night so we had a few hours to wait for an ambulance but eventually got into the Lister at 9.30pm.
They started IV antibiotics straight away and when I left at 1.30am they were trying to find a bed.. This morning she is in the clinical decision unit, still waiting for a bed but they said she was 'comfortable' (which I am sure she isn't!!) Looks like a few days or more up and down to Stevenage again. 
Apart from that I am getting started on my preparations for my trip to Germany which is fast approaching, after a big bit of good news yesterday I am looking forward to it even more now !!!!

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