Sunday, November 04, 2012

Happy Late Halloween!!

Last night we had a late Halloween party, Madeline and Grace came over and we all got dressed up!!
Grace came dressed as a Zombie Bride.......

I dressed up as a witch, (mainly because I am nearly a full witch without too much effort required on my part!) I did push the boat out and bought orange and black stripey socks and a matching witches hat!!

Carl dressed as a Sim (you can see his life diamond above his head) He also re-enacted his fall and cut eye where he ended up in hospital !!(Nice!!)

Madeline's outfit was brilliant, she came as a crazed cat with a very realistic axe it its head!

Beth was a zombie Burlesque dancer complete with realistic bloody cuts (yuk)

Tom was dressed as Super Mario, with a bit of a green tinge and thanks to Beth he was rocking a Hitler tash and eyebrows!!! 
We had a great evening with fireworks to round it off. We had a narrow escape when one of the big shot fireworks which was secured in a bucket of earth, decided to  flip over and started to shoot fire balls towards us, we had to make a swift run into the house to avoid injury and disaster.
I really love Halloween, one of the best celebrations of the year!!!

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