Sunday, June 09, 2013

Channeling our Inner 'Artist' - Again!!!!

Last week my friend Jane and I decided to take advantage of a 20% discount to attend our second Cork and Canvas Art evening at Brookmans in Brookmans park. We both fancied having a go at this particular canvas called Owls! The whole of the evening is quite relaxing and we had the advantage of knowing the plan of action for the evening. We got there a little early and planned to have a bite to eat. I was really looking forward to the stunning chicken liver parfait on brioche and Jane fancied a repeat of her duck salad. Sadly summer had intervened and they changed their menu, wiping the parfait from the offerings and swapping it to stuffed rabbit something or other. I stopped taking notice at the rabbit bit!! In the end we shared a mixed platter of tempting nibbly bits including mozzarella, tomatoes, smoked chicken, pitta bread and some lovely chutney. We topped it off with a few chips in a very trendy bucket!! 

Back to the painting, we followed the artist who was demonstrating and eventually produced our paintings! On the original version there was a phrase painted up the middle of the tree in very lovely cursive writing. We were both too chicken to attempt that on the night, although Jane has put me to shame as she has now done an excellent job of finishing hers. I really must bite the bullet and do it!!! It was another really good evening, I had no idea where the time went as we found ourselves heading home around 11.45, AND on a school night, whatever next!!!

We have had some better weather in the past week, but this weekend has been a bit disappointing. Last night we had friends around and Carl, Beth and Grace sat in the back room and treated our neighbours to some awful singing at the top of their voices!! It sounded terrible to us and there was a closed door between us and them, it must have been so much worse close up !!

Today I called around to see Mum and Dad and Dad has some lovely flowers blooming in the back garden. I really like these chives. I think I will try and grow some next year. Best of all, all this photos have been taken with an Iphone, I am pretty impressed with the detail for a phone camera.

At the end of last week I bought some new clothes so I spent Friday evening having a massive clear out in my bedroom. Five bags later I can now get all my clothes in the wardrobe and the bedroom looks so much better. For the first time I have been mercenary I have just bagged stuff up and got rid of it, its quite scary but it had to be done. Perhaps it will be easier next time!!
This has also been a weekend of technical achievement, I replaced my printer with a brand new all singing and dancing wifi, icloud, air print printer. I followed the instructions and they worked!! I can now print from anywhere in the house and I can print from anywhere in the world!! Not sure why I would want to do that, but one day I am sure I will find it useful!!! So far I have printed a few bits and I am pleased with the quality. 
Beth is into the final week of her exams, fingers crossed that she passes them all, this time next week it will all be over and done with!!!

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