Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day Three , Pope Francis, St Peters Square.

On Sunday morning we took the Metro to St Peters Square. It was a really hot and humid day, by 10.30 am the crowds had started to form, no one seemed to know where to look, all we knew was that at 12 noon  Pope Francis was due to appear at a window and lead a prayer called the Angelus, followed by a blessing.
When we arrived all the shade had already been taken so we decided to wait it out in the square by the main water fountain. 

We had time to check out all of the beautiful statutes. 

By the time the man himself was due the whole square was packed with people, there were thousands and thousands of people! In the end we had to join the crowd and buy a parasol to give ourselves a spot of shade!

As the crowd got bigger we got chatting to the people near to us and of course they ended up coming from Herts!! They were staying at the hotel next to ours and their children went to Catholic schools that had played Beth's school at various Netball and Football matches!! Its a small world.

At last the star of the show appeared and read the prayer in Italian, of course the only part we understood was the blessing! Once he finished he read some of the banners in the crowd, people from all over the world.  That caused lots of cheering! Once he left the crowd started to disperse and we headed away. We came across a small take away pizza place, we sat outside on the pavement and ate the most delicious four cheese pizza, hot out of the pizza oven, the shop was a real one man show, with free tasters of the pizzas! It was a welcome relief to find somewhere in the shade to sit down and have a bite to eat!

The rest of the afternoon we wandered along a street that had some nice shops and stopped off to have an ice cream along the way. I really enjoyed the day and I am so pleased that we got to see the Pope!! 

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Raymonde said...

What a fantastic Sunday and a celebrity to top it up ;) It is actually amazing to be there and experience it.
I did when I was with my mum in 2006.

So glad you enjoyed your Rome trip.