Friday, June 28, 2013

Day Two, Rome central!

Day two was as hot as day one which was lovely, we really haven't had much in the way of summer so far this year, so it was nice to wear summer clothes . The first stop of the day was The Spanish Steps, It was very busy, loads of people all over the place!! We took a walk to the top to view the city.

The great thing about Rome is that its full of tiny cobbled streets with surprises around every corner.  The biggest surprise was the Trevi Fountain, which just appeared out of nowhere!!

Its a massive fountain full of magnificent sculptures, its an all action place with loads of people taking in the atmosphere. The famous story is about throwing coins into the fountain, One coin thrown over your left shoulder means that you will come back to Rome , 2 coins means new romance and three coins for a marriage or divorce. The city of Rome collect around 3000 Euros a day from the fountain and its donated to a variety of charities.

From the fountain we headed down to the Colosseum area, we passed lots of Roman ruins, it seems so strange that they sit alongside modern Rome. 

The Colosseum was quite spectacular, the next time I go I will take a tour and learn about the history. I love this photo mainly because of the great sky!

Watch out below........

I love people watching, while taking a break listening to a chap playing some lovely music this couple wandered up, as they got closer it was obvious that they were English speaking. I knew without hearing them speak that they were likely to be English, who else would wear hooped long socks with striped pyjama style shorts and a bright green polo shirt ?? Us Brits have a style of our own!!!! Bless him!!!! I suppose it could have been worse he could have been wearing flip flops and socks!!

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Glad you had a lovely time