Sunday, June 16, 2013

Today I started something, I really wished that I hadn't!!!!!

This weekend has been a busy one, it started with a leaving do on Friday evening which was great fun with free flowing cider and a hog roast - Perfect!!!! Even better was that I didn't have any form of hangover the next morning - result!!! The weather has been quite nice so I have been in the back garden weeding. I seem to have grown a great crop of ornamental grass which is as a result of my bird feeder, so all that had to go. Another strange thing is that this year the garden is full of pink and purple flowers, last year there were flowers in other colours, but they don't seem to be around anymore. I am going to have to plant some whites and yellows to brighten things up!!!

So after making that colour statement, I do have four flowers that are white, aliums! they are tall and hover over the pink stuff, so they don't really count!!!

I have purple Iris, I was given them last year and they are all flowering this year. 

I have French Lavender which is a bit leggy as I forgot to chop it back last year and the flowers only grow on new growth so its far taller than I was expecting !

Toms favourite is Clematis and guess what ?? its purple!!!

The job I started this weekend which I wished I hadn't was installing Microsoft Office 2010. I have been having problems with my Office 2003 version for a while. It kept crashing and freezing so I invested in a shiny new copy of 2010 and started to install it. I got part way through when it told me that the original program was corrupt and that I needed to uninstall it and try again. That was a problem because it meant that I had to save all my emails to a spare drive before trying again. I was finally in the position to try again, so I uninstalled 2003 and set 2010 running, this time it it worked, sadly before deleting my emails I forgot to note down the 'product key' for the new version which had arrived by email in the middle of last year, so again I could go no further. I couldn't re install 2003 as it was corrupt, in the end I had to install and old XP version retrieve the email and then start all over again. A five minute job that took me hours!!!! Grrrrr. On the plus side Outlook has been totally stable since the new installation!

This week is going to be a busy one. Mum goes into hospital tomorrow for an exploratory operation on her knee. They think she has an infection which is proving difficult to eradicate, they hope that they can take swabs to decide what the bug is and then find an anti-biotic that will work. Fingers crossed that it all goes well and she is home soon.

I am off to Liverpool for a conference followed by our Anniversary trip to Rome. I am looking forward to that,  I have prepared well and I hope I have left very little to chance!!

See you all soon 

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Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I keep finding treasures here, too! It's much fun seeing things come up.