Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Happy Birthday Tom!!!

Its that time of year again, Tom's birthday !! Its rare that we are at home for it. Over the years we have been on cruises and holidays in Majorca so this time we celebrated at home!! Tom is a big fan of Deal or No Deal, so I commissioned a batch of themed cup cakes, six fruit and six vanilla. They were very delicious!! 
Try out Cupcakes and Sprinkles they are brilliant!!!

Its also a great excuse to get a birthday photo or two!!

This week has been another busy one, yesterday I had a business trip into London. The good thing is that the weather seems to be on the change for the better, so we are enjoying a bit of sun. I love coming home from work and sitting having a cup of tea in the back garden sunning myself! Simple pleasures!!

Last Friday I had a series of injections in my wrist to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome, I am so pleased that they seem to have worked, I hardly dare believe my good fortune, because I was getting pretty fed up with the whole situation!!

Beth only has another week of her GCSE's left, just 6 or 7 exams left and then she will be free for the whole summer. She has her prom to look forward to. I think we only have her shoes to buy and then she will be set for the big night. I am excited as its another great photo chance and I simply don't get too many of those with the 'children' these days!!

Mum and Dad are ticking along, Dad has had the all clear from the cardiologist and today Mum has had a pre op for an investigation into her knee. They are going to try and get a sample of fluid from her knee to see what the infection is. Once they know they will be able to use the right anti-biotics on it. Her op is set for the 17th of June, which is perilously close to our weekend away for our Wedding Anniversary. I hope that it gets delayed or it has the potential to clash and not in a good way :(

Waving to my mate Sue and wishing her hubby Richard a very speedy recovery now he has been discharged from L and D. xxxxxxx 

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