Thursday, July 17, 2014

On the brink of something new...

This week so far has been one of travel, I think my working life at the moment is going to be spent for a large part on the A1M heading north in the morning and south in the afternoon. People who regularly use the motorway will know that I have the best deal, because people are usually queueing up to go south in the morning, so generally I don't have that  to contend with. So far this week I have spent 6 working hours driving, which does seem a bit of a waste, but that's the way things are going to be moving forward so I had better get used to it and update my music playlists!!

The weather has been fantastic, we had a lovely visit to our friends last weekend and enjoyed an evening of cocktails. I later found out that those cocktails were very alcoholic, with that fact hidden by fruit juice!! I was fine the next morning which all that matters.  

My trusty desktop computer is on its last legs, so I have decided rather than try to keep having it repaired to bite the bullet and buy a new one. Its amazing how far things have come. The new PC will have the dreaded Windows 8.1, a system we have at work, so at least I will be fairly familiar with it. I just don't find it as easy as Windows 7. While preparing for the arrival of the new PC I was clearing out some of the old stuff that accumulates, instruction manuals and leads for machines long since departed, when I came across the spec for my original PC. It had a massive 20 Gb of memory!! the new PC has two Terra bytes!! I read yesterday that the Apollo 11 mission computer had less power than a standard smart phone of today. 
For the past week I have been transferring all my files onto an external hard drive. The one program that is being difficult is Outlook, for some reason it 'hides' the location of the email files, so I am trying to search for them, I really don't want to lose all my stored emails. I may have to seek help on that one. So hopefully by next week I will have the new one up and running and I will say a fond farewell to my six year old Acer, it has served me well. 

Last night I went to a fun night at the Diving club. They had the use of a massive inflatable, its like a bouncy castle for the water. Everyone was having a go and finding it hard to stay on until the end. I decided to do a bit of swimming and I am pleased to say that I managed to do ten lengths of the pool, the first time I have swam properly since my new hip. Up until now I have stuck to the baby pool doing my water physio exercises, so I was so pleased to be able to get back into the swing of it. I have been told not to do breast stroke legs because of the risk of dislocation so I am sticking with backstroke, no chance of accidentally doing breaststroke legs with that ! At the end of the evening Rod and I decided that we really wanted a go on the inflatable, so we egged each other on and attempted the first element which was a walk off the side of the pool and a climb up to slide down the other side. Rod also has a new hip, so we had to be careful. Anyway he went first and managed to get to the slide. I walked on and straight away slipped  flat on my face!! There was an audible gasp from the people behind, I was fine but decided to get up and get off!!! I will have to try again another day! That said it was a great swim and I left feeling that I had achieved something.

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