Thursday, July 31, 2014

Slow Recovery

 This past couple of weeks have been quite testing. The recovery from my 'minor' operation has not been as straightforward or as simple as I had anticipated. To start with I was really incapacitated by the pain and the cumbersome bandage. Have you tried to do the very basic everyday things with just one hand? Its amazing how hard it is to get dressed, all those clips and buttons are hard with one good hand. If you forget and try and use the recovering hand it hurts, shooting nerve pains into the palm of my hand soon reminds me to stop what ever it was I was trying to do!!!

The bulky dressing had synthetic padding which has been so hot and itchy it was driving me mad. I had been told it had to stay in place for ten days. In the end I called the hospital and asked if I could remove it and put something else on. The nurse then told me that the big dressing could come off and I could put a tubular bandage on. I still wasn't able to drive as the nerve pain was unpleasant. Yesterday I had the stitches out. not something I am keen to repeat, it felt horrible, made my toes curl!! Today 10 days after the operation I am finally starting to feel a bit more 'normal' for me!!

It was also nice to be able to finally wash all the iodine off my arm, I looked like I had given myself a bad fake tan!!

We are still waiting to scatter Mums ashes, it seems to have been a huge issue getting things sorted. The council who own the local cemetery have been remodelling bits of it and we have reserved a memorial space, they are now waiting on the delivery of the stones and the plaques once they have arrived we will be able to hold a service. They are anticipating that the stones will go in this week. We would like our parish Priest Father Norbert to say a few words, but he is away for the whole of August, so we are hoping we can finalise things in September.

I am excited as we have a weekend away planned with Madeline and John. We are going to guess where???? Amsterdam!! We have booked a hotel right in the middle by Rembrandt Square, it tickled me because I booked with and their head office is next door to the hotel I booked!! We plan on having a chilled weekend walking from hotel to bar to the shops another bar, you know what I mean!!!!

I wanted to say thank you to Tina and Karen, who treated me yesterday to afternoon tea, it was lovely to be driven to Hertingfordbury and then spend a while chatting and catching up. One day if I am ever a lady of leisure, we'll have to do it again!!

We are still benefiting from the  glorious summer weather, its particularly good as it prevents the grass from growing too much, so we don't have to get the mower out!! There is the constant sound of the fan 'trying' to keep things cool, but really only succeeding in blowing everything all over the place!! Long may it last!
Have a wonderful weekend whatever you decide to do

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