Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sad Day.

The 21st of July was always going to be a difficult day. It was Mums birthday and the first one we have had without her. We have been trying to sort out the interment of her ashes at the local cemetery, but the council have been building a  new garden of remembrance, which has involved a consultation with people who already had family in the cemetery. It seems to be taking far longer than it should, originally they suggested that it would be up and running by the end of April, we are still waiting. We have prepared our dedication, we just need to wait for the plot.

We had hoped for it all to be sorted for her birthday, but it wasn't so we decided to go out for dinner and then Beth suggested that we released some pink balloons in her memory. 

It was a nice evening, looking back to last year when we went out for Sunday Lunch with Mum to The Beehive. Its hard to believe what a difference a year makes.

On Sunday I went into hospital for my wrist operation. I had seriously underestimated what they were going to do. I had thought that as it was a local anaesthetic that it would be on a par with going to the dentist ! ! How wrong I was. I got there for 7.30 am and I was taken through to a cubicle where I was given gowns and strange foam slippers. I was told to  remove all clothing, which seemed a bit strange. I was honestly expecting to sit down and for the surgeon to just get on with it, like being at the dentist ! ! !
Anyway after all the form filling and observations I was ready to go.  I headed around to the operating theatre and was surprised again to have to get on an operating table having taken off one of the gowns. Apparently I couldn't have anything tight on!! It was really odd, my hand and arm was washed in iodine then pulled through one of those green sheet things . The surgeon then injected me none too gently with the numbing juice, then with blood dripping down my arm he swabbed it with iodine again and waited for the numbness to take effect. It was very unpleasant . Once he started the op I had to have a tourniquet on my arm, but he started a timer and got the whole job done in 4.5 minutes!!! I came out with six stitches and a whacking great big bandage which has to stay there for two weeks and instructions not to drive until then.
When I got home it took an age for the numbness to go. The next day it was painful and its been hard to type with one good hand ! ! 

I really hope that the operation does what I need it to do. I am fed up with pins and needles all day and all night. 
I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather, I expect we will be subject to flood and pestilence soon as we are due to go on holiday ! ! !


Jennifer A. Jilks said...
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Jennifer A. Jilks said...
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Lyzzy Dee said...

Hi Jenn, If you read this, I have removed all references to this from here and facebook. We are all entitled to our views and I respect that you have a different view to me. I am sorry if you were offended, that is unkind as you said.