Saturday, July 19, 2014

We have some storms!!!!

These past few days have been really hot and muggy, its nice to have a bit of sunshine but this awful stickiness is something else. When we have been in Florida and its been like this you always have a nice air conditioner room, restaurant or car to escape to, here we don't have enough hot weather to justify the expenditure!

Thursday night we had a huge storm, almost continual thunder and lightening, it freaked the dog out and we all had a restless night. I didn't plan ahead so didn't get any photos, but on Friday evening as the sun set we were treated to an extraordinary sky, one that changed colour every minute. I took a photo out my back door a minute apart. Its hard to believe just how different each shot is!!

It felt as if it was brewing up for another storm, we did get a lot of rain but not very much thunder or lightening. Today its muggy again and I expect that we might a disturbed night tonight again!

Tomorrow I have an unexpected trip to hospital. I have had carpal tunnel syndrome for a fair while, they have injected the wrist with cortisone to try and take the swelling away from the nerve and avoid surgery. To get any relief I have to sleep with a wrist brace. If I don't my hand is so painful with pins and needles that I could scream. On the 8th of July I saw the consultant who told me I was on the 18 week pathway and expect a letter towards the end of October. So I was just a bit surprised yesterday 10 days later, to receive a call telling me my operation was on Sunday! It seems they are trying to clear a back log and they are operating on a Sunday to get more patients seen. So I have to be at the Lister at 7am tomorrow. I can't drive for a week, I will be in a sling for a couple of days so its not like I will be able to do anything useful. This may be my last post for a while!!!

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