Friday, July 11, 2014

Views from the ship!

It seems ages ago that we were on our cruise, I am thinking that maybe its time to book another one!!!
I love the colours in this photo. I was able to capture a few nice sky shots....

The range of colours in the sky is amazing, I like the last photo as you can just see some of those massive wind turbines, looking tiny on the horizon!

This week was my first full one back at work, it makes me feel like researching another long weekend away, I have Krakow on my hit list! I also now have the go ahead for the dates for our girls weekend, so I'll have to get researching that as well. 

This month on the 21st would have been Mums 79th birthday. Its also seven months since she passed away. We still need to scatter her ashes but its not being to easy to sort out!! The local cemetery is full, so the council are redeveloping an area and building a garden of remembrance where we can have a memorial stone and scatter her ashes. This was supposed to have been completed by the end of April but its now mid July and we are still waiting. Finally this week we have been told that it is all systems go for next month. It will be nice to finally have a place to go. 

We have finally finished the last outstanding bit of 'officialdom' . Back in January we had to apply to renew Dads driving licence. It was a big long form which asked questions that could be answered several ways. We sent the form back only to get a letter back saying that they would need to look into his medical records. This seemed a little odd as nothing has changed. Anyway we waited, Dad was getting worried and upset because he really relies on his car and if he was not able to drive it t was restrict what he could do. His licence ran out in March, so we chased it up. They told us they had three months to sort it, they had already had three months, but that didn't seem to count. Quite clearly they hadn't stipulated which months in the year constituted the three months that they had in mind !! So could he still drive as his licence had run out?? That was another question that was very hard to get an answer to. Eventually we managed to pin someone down and they sent a letter to say that he was still able to drive until they identified which three months he would have to wait for. Eventually this week seven months after we applied they issued him his licence. I have no idea how they make the process last seven months. It was inefficiency at its very best!

I am looking forward to a good weekend of sipping cocktails, I just hope the weather stays dry!!

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