Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Feeling a bit creative!

I really enjoy doing a bit of crafting, I don't mind what form that takes I enjoy having a go at all sorts of different things. On my hit list in recent weeks has been a stand for my kitchen roll (I really know how to live the high life!!)  Since we had the new tiles in the kitchen, we lost the 'thing' that we hung the kitchen roll on. So since then I have been on the look out for one that can stand on the counter. As normal I have hit upon something that doesn't seem to be too popular any more. I can remember when I was just starting out and kitting out my first flat there were wooden kitchen accessories everywhere. Obviously their time has gone!! I eventually found one in charity shop for 50p so I was able to paint that in my trusty Annie Sloan chalk paint and that is now in use. 

I also had some wooden picture frames, they were old and big, I had seen an upcycle where the frames were painted and converted into a notice board. Over the years I have struggled with my desire to keep every piece of memorabilia, I have baby boxes for the children and I have bits an pieces from all times in my life.  I have kept birthday and anniversary cards. I am always battling with myself to throw things away, On looking through some of the cards I did have a clear out but I was pleased to find a couple written by my mum and even one from my sister. So I am happy with that!!

I have painted the picture frames and strung some ribbon across them, while we were in Amsterdam I found a shop selling some tiny pegs, so I have used them peg my precious bits and pieces on to the display. I now have a couple of them on my bedroom wall.

I am not in any rush to fill them up, I plan on adding to them over the years and swapping stuff around. On the one above I have my Rosary from Rome, a card from Rome, an Anniversary card from Mum and Dad, a telegram from Mum and Dads wedding, The place tags from Becca's Wedding, a photo from our wedding, Plus a thank you and some birthday cards.

The one above has a picture of the Sistine chapel, the rose that we bought in memory of Mum, a poem Laura gave me, photos of a trip to a field of Sunflowers. 

I will be able to add to these and swap stuff around as I want. I am happy with my weekend project!

I just need to think about what else I can smother with Annie Sloan Chalk paint, I have a mirror frame looking rather boring............

Have a good week, roll on the weekend, can't believe that I will be spending the month of October in England, I will remedy that in November when I am on my travels again with my girl friends, all booked and looking forward to Hamburg!!!

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Scott said...

so clever!