Saturday, September 20, 2014

Water, Water everywhere :(

We have no luck with water. Over the years we have had lots of water 'incidents' It feels like we have far more incidents that other similar people and I ask myself why??? At the end of last year we had a major leak in the loft that meant I had to wash every towel I owned, not so great in the middle of winter :(

This time we were heading for bed when I walked by the fridge to get a drink. I felt a spray of water on my leg, not something I was expecting!! I grabbed my torch and looked down the side of the fridge and saw a pin prick of water coming out of the mains water supply pipe. This would not have been a problem if the hole had been on top of the stop cock, but it wasn't, closing the stop cock was going to do nothing !!! I suddenly realised we were going to be in serious trouble, with mains pressure water trying to fight its way out of the pipe. It was not going to get better. As we were watching the leak increased and the small jet reached all across the room and hit the opposite wall. 

I could feel the panic rising and it was clear despite it being nearly midnight we would need to call a plumber to switch off the mains outside the house.  We picked a 24 hour plumber off of Google and prepared my credit card for the inevitable assault on the balance. 

Half an hour and several towels later the plumber arrived and quickly realised that he would have to turn the water off outside. He had the big stop cock key, but for some reason there was a load of stones down the hole, which the plumber had to pull out before he could get to the tap. Once off I could breathe again and thank goodness that I spotted the leak before we went to bed, we would have come down the next morning to devastation.

The cost of calling a plumber out at night is truly frightening, I am pleased that the leak is covered on my house hold insurance. Its all repaired now and I thought that would be it, but no our luck continued, we were putting everything away when I notice water dripping down the inlet pipe of the dishwasher, I think all the pulling and pushing repairing the main pipe must have knocked the dishwasher feed . We managed to switch that off over night and our regular rather lovely plumber came and bailed us out. Thank you so much Nick, I am pretty cross that your Mum and Dad allowed you to move out of our road, don't they know who we are???

The weather has been pretty odd for September, we have had some really hot muggy days plus a fair few thunder storms, I have been trying to do the garden in between times. Yesterday I was really shocked to find this huge clump of fungi growing in the garden. They had literally sprung up overnight!! I don't know what they are, I will have to employ Google to identify them. 

The other news is that Carl has decided to sell his car, he wasn't really using it very much and things had gone wrong with it to such a point that it wasn't worth repairing. He put an ad in auto trader, being honest and listing all the faults. That advert attracted every sort of weirdo that was out there. He had ten calls in the first few hours, people promising to call and look at it and not turning up. People asking if there was anything wrong with it when it was all in the advert, when Carl said its in the advert people actually said they hadn't read the ad!!! He had one man phone yesterday and say he he would give him full price for the car, unseen. (He turned up and did just that!!) The strangest was two Polish blokes who turned up at 10pm yesterday in the dark to look at the car, they didn't bring torches, so we supplied them and they seemed to be overly concerned with checking the oil (I realise that you can check for a blown head gasket by checking for froth in the oil) BUT they stuck their fingers in and licked the oil!!!! Must be some quaint Polish custom!!

I am hoping for a quiet, restful weekend. I want to wish my friend Madeline well and hope she is back on her feet soon.

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