Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Where did the summer go???

A shot from our holiday in Holland, this year they had the usual photographs after the rides, but instead of printing them you could have them sent to your email address for the sum of two Euros, so I gave it a go!!

I can't believe that we are into September and before you know it, it'll be Christmas. We had a good summer and we finished off at the weekend with a trip to Scratby on Sea with Dad and our friends Tina and Rod. We were very lucky with the weather, a drop of rain at night but nothing during the day. It was a bit of a milestone for dad, he hadn't been away for a number of years and wasn't sure how he would get on. 
I had forgotten how difficult and somehow frightening it is to do something that you haven't done for a while. In the end Dad did very well!!

On the Friday evening we went out for a meal at the local California Tavern. On the Saturday morning we headed down to Great Yarmouth and walked along the prom and the pier! We walked for miles and miles!

Not a very flattering photo of Dad and I on the sea front!!

We stopped for elevenses!! Very nice indeed!

In the evening we went to Yarmouth Dog track. I backed this dog purely because of the name and the connection that has with me, I was right I won the huge sum of £3.20 !!

Rod blew all his winnings on ice cream, two of them all for himself!!!

On Sunday we had a lazy morning and then headed off to Hemsby for lunch. We ended up at The Hollywood Diner which was run and staffed by Tina's cousins. We had a nice meal with milkshakes that were lovely - I had  mint choc chip, Tina had a chocolate one and Rod went the whole hog with a Choco Mocha extravaganza !!

What a group of stunning looking folk!!!!

We rounded the evening off with a visit to the amusement arcades, we usually have Beth with us, so it felt very odd this time without her!

I am pleased that we managed to get away and we had a brilliant weekend with dad and our friends!!

If you fancy a week or weekend away give The Reeves Family Chalets a go!!

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