Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Making Cakes.

Tonight I have been a busy girl, we have decided to hold a 'Macmillan Big Coffee Morning' at work tomorrow, so tonight it was baking time!! I really only do 'baking' at Christmas, so I hope we raise a lot of money for them!!

So tonight I have made two dozen fairy cakes and two dozen fruit cakes. I have also made two dozen diet cakes, they are only diet because they are half the size of normal ones!!!

Its been an exciting week, we have got a new car!! Dad has treated himself to a new car so we have bought his old one from him. We are replacing our Zafira, Ruby with Dads Zafira, Sapphire. The new car has only done 100 thousand miles less than Ruby!! So I started to prepare Ruby for her new owner , for the first time in a long time she was cleaned inside and out. She is now on EBay with 12 watchers and one bidder, so she will definitely be sold by the end of the week. The process of selling a car is hard work. I have had people contact me asking to buy the car for less than we have it up for, they are quite rude when you say no. I think with so many people watching we will find that the price will rise by the end of the auction.

Our new car is an automatic, I have not driven an automatic since we were in Florida last year. Its quite difficult to remember that you don't need a clutch, in fact you don't need your left leg!! I just need to remember that, yesterday while practicing I forgot and hit the brake and nearly put Tom and I through the windscreen!!! Lucky we had our seat belts on. I have now got my head around it and will just have to keep concentrating until it becomes second nature.

I really hope the cake sale goes well in the morning. 
Hope you all have a good week.

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