Sunday, June 17, 2007

Busy Day.

Tomorrow we are being 'Double Glazed' Its been a long time coming, I have been putting off having it done because of all the mess involved. Not that they actually make too much mess, but we have had a busy morning moving stuff away from the windows. Every single bed room the beds are under the windows. We have had to move ours and Beth's, but Carl's is impossible to move without taking it apart and taking all the 'stuff' out of the place.

We now have a car filled with rubbish bags (for the dump tomorrow, only LOSERS go to the dump on a Sunday!!) We have also put a load of toys on Freecycle and are hoping they will be collected this afternoon. - Lots of interest, hope they turn up!

Clearing out bedrooms seems to generate washing as well, so I am now on my second load, I feel there may be more. On the plus side I do now feel virtuous now that its done.

Yesterday I went with Wendy, Hannah and Beth to Lakeside Shopping. Its huge and the whole of the South of England was there. We did manage to get Beth a couple of bits for the summer, and shock horror I bought myself a PINK dress for my holidays! I was also given a free bottle of head and shoulders by this nice looking guy with a sack load of them, shame I didn't listen to what he had to say, because if I had I would have known it was a bottle of conditioner and not shampoo!! (found that out in the shower this morning!!)

I have just finished a secret scrapping assignment and i must say I am very pleased with it. Perhaps more scrapping later today.

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Laura said...

Now that you've given me the address for this I've been showing off your pages to my friends and they adore them! There are so many pages you've done now that I haven't seen in person! I can't wait to see teh secret project!