Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Feeling Thankful.

Yesterday afternoon I saw my consultant for the result of my recent CT scan. It has been a nerve wracking week or two waiting for that. He told me that they con not find any evidence of any spread of the cancer. He also thinks that it is unlikely that I will need radio Therapy, but he has to check that out with another specialist. So I feel that I have been very very lucky. If it had not been for the diligence of my GP who referred me to the hospital on what I thought was the scantest of reasons I might never have know about the cancer until it was too late.

So this morning I am thanking my lucky stars and all of those who have prayed for me for such a positive outcome.

Thank you.


Jaffers said...

I expect you to traumatise us for many years to come then!
Love ya!

Jen said...

Lubs ya!!! So happy for you darling :) We gonna Par-Tay next weekend then?

Anam_Kihaku said...

YEAH!! fabby news :)