Saturday, June 02, 2007

Home sweet home!

We are fresh back from our break in Skegness. We stayed at the County Hotel on North Parade. The hotel was built in the 1930's and is a very nice Art Deco building. Our room was huge with high ceilings and a very airy feel to it.Mum and dad had a twin room which was a lot smaller and had two steps in it, which was odd as both of them have problems walking!!
We were bed breakfast and evening meal. The food was fabulous, with loads to eat which has not helped my weight loss in any shape or form!! Today i am back on the fruit and sticking like glue to slimming world .

The first few days were very wet. It was very miserable. We weren't able to do anything really, so we ended up in the penny arcades and shopping. Most evenings there was an entertainer on, so we had something to do after dinner. We also played cards in the first floor ball room, very swish.

We did finally get onto the beach and I took some shots of Beth, my willing model, for this weeks photographic lesson. I correctly guessed that Twist and Turn referred to the camera angle so I had a go, not sure if i am totally happy with the angles, as i am a square/right angle sort of girl. Buts its different!!

Good news, I made it into the top five with my picture of my pegs, I think I win a small prize so I have to send my address off to Cheryl along with the original photo. Its very exciting!!

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