Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pleasant Surprise.

Last night at weigh in I lost 1/2 lb. Not much but the previous week we had been on holiday and when I got back I was at least 6 lbs over when I left for my holiday. I had eaten everything, toast, loads of butter, jam, cooked breakfasts, cream cakes, four course evening meals with mint chocs. So I knuckled down from last Saturday and it paid off.
Just have to keep it up for next week now. My weight loss for the past 8 weeks has not been stunning 7 lbs in 8 weeks is not going to change the world, but I feel ready to hit it again and get back on the wagon.

Beth had a traumatic day yesterday with her tooth extraction under sedation. It was horrifying to think that if we had waited for the NHS we would have been at least two weeks with her in agony, but as soon as we offered to pay they made a gap less than 24 hours later. So now we are £210 poorer but Beth is pain free and much happier. The tooth has prooved to be far too big for the tooth fairy, it is just over 2.5 cms long, I think we need to drill a hole in it and hang it around her neck!

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Jaffers said...

Good god woman, there’s gonna be nothing left of you when I meet you at this rate!!!

Poor Beth, I still think she stole a lions tooth or something though….